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The King of Hay

Richard Booth, the self-proclaimed King of Hay, declared Hay-on-Wye an ‘independent kingdom of books’ 40 years ago.

This portrait of Richard Booth was donated to The Story of Books to be on permanent display at the new museum of books.


We have 40 limited edition prints signed by both Richard Booth & Eugene Fisk for sale, with all profits going towards The Story of Books special projects fund.

The prints will be for sale at the Baskerville Wayzgoose at Baskerville Hall, Clyro, HR3 5SB on Saturday 31st March 2018, 10am-3pm.

If you are interested in buying a print before this event, please email Emma Balch at


THE STORY OF BOOKS where stories are told and books are made The Story of Books is developing plans for the first working museum dedicated to all aspects of books. The project is led by creative entrepreneur, Emma Balch. The Story of Books will have a permanent, physical HQ at Baskerville Hall near Hay-on-Wye. The Story of Books is also creating a series of collaborative and inclusive experiences – exhibitions, events, tours, digital projects and curated spaces – around the globe.

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