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Blind Bookworms: Part Two

Blind Bookworms : Part Two – The Big Day

Posted by Ellie Wait for The Story of Books

I stepped on the train with a knot in the pit of my stomach. I honestly had no idea how the day ahead of me was going to pan out. I didn’t know how many people were going to turn up or what their abilities would be. Armed with a pre-written script about the Mad Hatters Tea Party and my talented friend Jake Sawyers, I made my way to RNC Hereford.

Upon arrival we met the lovely Rosaleen Gold and settled down to do some writing. The writing process took longer than I expected because we’d decided upon doing it as a group but our focus on the magical world of Harry Potter saw me through. Upon reflection, writing as a group created a sense of camaraderie and togetherness which otherwise could have been overlooked.

I must admit that by lunch time I still felt worried. We only had time to write one script and we did not have the turn out that I had hoped for but after lunch everything changed.


I don’t know if it was the the chocolate milkshake I’d drank or the excitement of being in a recording studio but the energy lifted. Myself, Rosaleen and Jake found our flow behind the microphone and soon we weren’t just recording the scripts. We began interviewing each other. Asking each other questions about not only our visual impairments but also books and writing. The three of us had varied experiences meaning that our interest and exclamations expressed during the recording were genuine. To me, it became apparent very quickly that these short bursts of recorded conversations were perhaps just as important as the descriptive stories we’d written and recorded.

The idea of creating a podcast reared its head and flooded me with excitement. The possibility of creating an online community which focuses on books, accessibility and discussion is incredibly  appealing to me: a celebration of the vast and varied audience that literature can reach. This is just stage one; a stepping stone. I cannot wait for you all to hear the results of the day but I am even more excited to see what this could grow into.

Blind Bookworms is a project from The Story of Books, led by Ellie Wait and Emma Balch and supported by Reading Hack. Follow this, The Story of Books Project Blog, for updates. We are also planning on launching a dedicated website for Blind Bookworms. Watch this space!

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