Baskerville Wayzgoose

Inaugural Baskerville Wayzgoose

Please join us on Saturday 1st April for the inaugural Baskerville Wayzgoose. This marks an exciting stage in a new venture that will see Baskerville Hall become a year-round celebration of books.

A Wayzgoose is an annual gathering of printers that dates back to medieval times. We are thrilled that a vast collection of early printing presses will have a permanent home at Baskerville Hall and be in daily working use. Apprenticeships, courses, workshops will be offered.

The Wayzgoose will include a Project Lab for The Story of Books. We hope you will be able to join us to find out more about the plans, share ideas, and be part of the story.

Baskerville Wayzgoose Fair, Saturday 1st April, 10am-3pm, at Baskerville Hall (Clyro Court) with exhibitions, demonstrations, table top stalls and activities for all ages. Free Entry.


For more information, please contact Emma Balch on 01497 822931 or 07879 373431, or email

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